Indian Food in Vancouver

Vancouver has no shortage of excellent restaurants and being such a multicultural city there are hundreds of fantastic ethnic restaurants.  With so many food options it can make it hard to choose a particular cuisine let alone a favorite restaurant.  If you are craving some Indian food you won’t have to look very far to find an Indian restaurant, but which one do you choose?

Finding a Good Indian Restaurant

If you want to find a good Indian restaurant you need to understand how Vancouver works.  Like any large city, the Greater Vancouver Regional District have some distinct neighborhoods.  These neighborhoods have their own culture, food and they represent the ethnic groups that live there.  Finding good Indian food starts by going to the right neighborhood.

Head over to the Punjabi Market, you can find it at 49th Ave and Main Street, it is the biggest Indo-Canadian district in the city.  Indian immigrants first started arriving in Vancouver in the late 19th century and settled in this neighborhood.  Even more than a 100 years later if you take a stroll through the neighborhood you will find all kinds of great Indian markets and restaurants.

Head Over to Surrey

You can find great Indian food outside of Vancouver as well, there is a large population of Indo-Canadians living in Surrey.  Again that means some incredible Indian restaurants here as well.  There is a wide variety of Indian restaurants in Surrey, so it doesn’t matter if you’re craving tandoori or some succulent curry you will find something that will please your palate.

Getting a Recommendation

Most people will tell you when they have had a great experience at a restaurant, but if you’re friends and family don’t eat much Indian food then you are left looking at Yelp or Urban Spoon looking for recommendations.  You can find some good recommendations there, but here are some that we love.  Vij’s Restaurant, located on 11th Ave down near Granville St has some amazing food.  The staff are warm and friendly and will help you choose something if you are new to Indian cuisine.  All of the dishes have a heavy Pacific Northwest influence, this is Vancouver after all.

If you are craving Indian food, then nothing else will do!  There are so many rich flavors to choose from!  If you live in Vancouver then you are blessed with  a plethora of choices when it comes to Indian or any other type of cuisine.

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